Monday, July 20, 2009

Chinese Zodiac

So, I was at an Indian/Chinese lunch buffet with my boss the other day, and on my placemat were these really cool, cut-paper-looking symbols/icons of the animals within Chinese Zodiac. I'm not into astrology or The Signs of the Zodiac at all, but I did think it'd be cool to design my own symbols/icons of the 12 animals.

For me, this piece really wasn't about subject-matter. Although I do like drawing animals a lot, it was more of a study in the creation and execution of a set/series of like images. My favorite assignments in art college were when we had to create lots of mini images that all appeared together. I guess I just think there's just something cool about seeing all of your artwork lined up and lookin' purdy. One palette...harmony...unity. Cool.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kinda' hot in these rhinos!

I've always liked the way rhinos looked, and my buddy Kory Hubbell's awesome sketches inspired me to take a crack at sketching one. You can find his work at We're thinking of doing an art book together. Anyway, I wanted to exaggerate my rhino but maintain a level of realism. I plan on revisiting this drawing and have no doubts that it'll lead to a finished design/illustration.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm just a caveman. Your fast-paced and technologically advanced world intimidates and frightens me. Look at you all with your Twitters, and your Facebooks, and your iPhones. I'M JUST A CAVEMAN!

Sorry about the SNL reference...I couldn't help myself.

It's about time I got a blog up and running. This site will primarily be used as a portfolio site for my artwork, but I imagine that from time to time I'll share stories and post pictures of my many adventures and escapades or share random thoughts. Who knows? We'll see.

Let the games begin! As for now, as the French say, 'See you later!'

This is my latest illustration. I titled it "Her Prada sandal!"